Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Canadian Conservatives Re-open Abortion Debate...slyly!

With the latest announcement that the Canadian government will restrict foreign aid funding for women in the third world, excluding funding for abortion, they have effectively declared their unique brand of sexism, based on their calculations that both religious fundamentalists and Roman Catholics will support their position.
Now the poor of the third world will know that Canada has taken a backward step in funding maternal and family health programs, given the long-established policy and practice of leaving all options on the table, so far as foreign aid is concerned.
Furthermore, the Harper government has also, surreptitiously, deceptively and yet unambigiously re-opened the abortion debate in this country, another retrograde step in the lives of women directly and men and women indirectly.
No one wishes an abortion on anyone; however, to have such a therapeutic option available when necessary, we all believed, was firmly established as Canadian law and practice.
How tragic that we are permitting such a downgrading of our values!

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