Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High-School memo from Treasury-Board (Stockwell Day)

This is the address to which the Honourable Stockwell Day invites his 2700 "friends" in the Treasury Department to send him a note, to inform him of what they are thinking about what the department should be doing, or not.
The verbose invitation, a second attempt, (the first failed utterly!) landed in the Gobe and Mail inbox, whether planned or by accident.
Mr. Day, this is not how you run a government department, especially one as important as Treasury Board. This is what the student council president of the local high school might do to the members of his new council.
And immature, amateurish, naive, and inconsequential is the way those 2700 seasoned civil servants are going to view your invitation. (Not to mention the less civil adjectives like stupid, idiotic, brain-dead, and fruitless!)
Isn't it time the Harper government took its cabinet members out behind the woodshed and gave them a few basic instructions in interactive communications, adult learning, political diplomacy and deep, critical thinking.
Of course, whom would Mr. Harper select to do the training? Surely not himself, he of so little trust, confidence and creativity that he would not know these potential assets if they tripped him on his way into the House of Commons.
When the bottom of the class is in charge, the results will be bottom-rate.
And, as the surly nun from Air Farce reminds us, "We voted for them!"

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