Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Faux lake, security, chair and results... for world leaders

A faux lake, in imitation of Muskoka, in the Toronto Convention Centre, for the G-20 leaders..a faux spruce-up of a lake steamer at $400K not to be finished until after the conference..a fortress-like security blanket penetrable by the most imaginative and most intent of the jihadists if they chose, and most tragically, a "faux communique" already written and released long before the event itself...
And all this from the Harper Chairmanship of what is fast becoming an ardevark of geo-politics, the G-whatever.
The politics of avoidance permits Harper to skate past any real criticism: over his "don't go green" approach to climate change,
and his do-nothing approach on ending/reducing global poverty,
and his "faux" superiority in blocking a bank tax to create a fund for any future bank "transgressions" generated from the banks themselves, not from the taxpayer,
and his overt/covert refusal to fund abortions as part of the aid program to the third world...significantly limiting maternal health options

Makes one think it is not only a faux lake, but a faux chair that is going to hold the gavel on behalf of Canadians!
Avoidance of controversy is no longer acceptable in either the national or the geo-political arena.
We want and need leaders to "get positive results" from their meetings..not travel photo ops and reflective puddles for $2million.
Restraint in spending does not have to include as a pre-requisite, restraint in imagination, brain-power or courage.
Apparently, I missed something in leadership 101 when I was class president in university, and we were expected to accomplish real projects, on budget and on time! And we did!

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