Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Say "NO!" to Sharia Law

There are Muslim clerics in every country propagating the proposition that Sharia Law be implemented in every country around the world. Even a brief reading of some of its many tenets (see Sharia Law, Thanks to Duhaime.org on acorncentreblog.com) indicates that there is no country, save perhaps a fully |Islamic state, in which such laws may be implemented.
And these are not merely words on a screen. They are deeply held convictions that seek to instill a sense of shared responsibility to block all efforts, in all countries, from the imposition of this law on their citizens. It will take every human being, in every country, for the next century or more, to thwart the efforts of the radical Islamists from their openly avowed goal of Sharia Law around the world.
That starts with education of the content of the provisions of Sharia Law. And it follows with a full discussion at all dinner, breakfast and lunch tables everywhere to bring our colleagues up to date with both the content and the goal of universal implementation.
One woman is currently being held in an Iranian prison, threatened with death by stoning for her conviction of adultery. Heather Reisman, owner of Chapters and Indigo Books in Canada has personally taken on the cause of bringing to the world the heinous implications, and facts of this threatened "judicial" act of stoning, in 2010! Good on you, Heather!
The suicide bombings in Uganda during the FIFA World Cup of Soccer, resulting in 74 deaths, is one more act of terrorism, this time perpetrated by a radical terrorist group from Somalia, linked to Al Quaeda. The Islamic cleric, Chadoury, interviewed in London, on Sunday by Farheed Sakaria on GPS/CNN depicted a level of both hatred and venom in his insistence that "wherever I live, I will work to have Sharia Law become the law of the land."
There have already been pressures on the Ontario government seeking to have Premier McGuinty's government agree to permit Sharia Law to be used in Muslim communities in Ontario. Fortunately, the government resisted, THIS TIME!
However, the pressure will not stop. The determination of Islam adherents is relentless; the power of their convictions is like steel, unbendable and unable to be destroyed by any means.
There are no technological preventions to this social, political, cultural, religious and historical determinism that is coming from the Islamic community, especially from the fundamentalist radicals.
It is not merely to stop the erosion of the social and political status of women that this law needs to be forestalled. It is to prevent all countries from becoming theocracies, of any religion.
The battle against Sharia Law is not one to be left to the Jewish community. It is a fight that all peoples of all countries and all languages and faith traditions must oppose and the opposition cannot wait many more years to wake up to the seriousness of the threat.
And, to leave this "fight" to our grandchildren is to abandon them to, by then, forces so entrenched that they will be unable to free the political, economic, intellectual and cultural garden of this "weed" no matter how determined their efforts.

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