Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama takes high road, again!

After The Speech...
And there he was again, President Obama honouring the commitment to the nation's security of his predecessor, George W. Bush, and not reminding his audience of the misleading propaganda dished out by the Bush-Cheney cabal, to "justify" the war in the first place.
And while acknowledging his own "difference of opinion with the former president" about the war itself, Obama thanked the troops for their service, including 4400+ lives sacrificed, and over 32,000 wounded, and asked for a commitment similar to that of the troops, in the home front war on the economy.
It was the analogy to the level of service of the troops that Obama tried to use as his model for the transition to the strength and security of the homeland...and the question remains, "Will the people (including especially the Republicans and the Teapartyers) join in anything that looks like a national initiative to generate more support for small business, and thereby reduce the claims on the government funds for the unemployed?"
I, along with thousands of others, seriously doubt that.
They believe that constant opposition, constant stone-walling, and constant rejection of even entering into the substance of a debate about the various measures available to the congress will serve them in the mid-term elections in November. And the goal of re-capturing both the Senate and the House of Representatives is the motive for their internal resistance movement.
And in the climate for Republican resistance, supported surreptitiously at least, and overtly at least in part by their own sources of campaign funds, is the campaign of fear that underlies the assassination of the president's character. And for that the media pays huge truckloads of money to various voices like Limbaugh and Beck not to mention Sarah Palin.
Here was a president being eminently presidential, who, in the private corridors where Republicans smoke their cigars and drink their scotch, will be heralded in guffaws of derisive laughter...for such a naive premise of inviting them to join a national effort of similar urgency as the war in Iraq, to which he was clearly and presciently opposed.
They will not join such an urgent national effort, in spite of the demonstrated and even desperate need of millions who have lost their jobs, their homes, their health care and most importantly their hope for the future.

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