Friday, October 15, 2010

Petition Opposes F-35 Purchase for Canada

Whereas the $16 billion for purchase and service of 65 F35 FighterJets is the largest single purchase in Canadian Military History;

And Whereas there has been no open tendering process for this purchase;
And Whereas the Canadian Parliament has not been granted a full opportunity to debate the purchase;
And Whereas the Canadian Government's arguments for the purchase include a specious potential military engagement with Russia over the underwater/ice mountain range in the Arctic;
And Whereas the Minister of Defence has argued publicly that the purchase "will enhance recruitment prospects" for the Canadian military, when there is little or no evidence of recruitment targets remaining unfilled;
And Whereas the Canadian economy includes both large debt and deficit figures;
And Whereas the Canadian people require much of these funds to be applied to human needs like housing, clean water, sanitation and education;
And Whereas this purchase moves Canada closer to additional military engagements when the Canadian people seek to settle international conflicts (including those generated by terrorists) through intelligence and security measures, and not through open warfare;
And Whereas, Canada's repuatation as a peace-keeper and a peace-seeker is being permanently altered through this purchase;
Therefore, we, the undersigned seek to petition the Canadian government to cease any actions that would move this purchase closer to fulfilment and
we also petition the Canadian government to hold a full and complete parliamentary debate prior to entering into any contractual obligations on behalf of Canada and
we also petition the Canadian government to open the process of the purchase of a new fighter jet to a full, open and international tendering process with full disclosure of all submitted bids and the full analysis of their relevant merits.
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