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Monday, November 22, 2010

Iranian guest on CNN's GPS...obfuscation with an Iranian accent

 Mohammed Javad Larijani, head of Iran's commission on Human Rights, appeared on CNN's GPS with Fareed Zakaria, to tell the world, yesterday, that when the President of his country speaks of "wiping Israel off the map" he really means that Israeli policies are very destructive and need to change, with respect to the Palestinians.
And this mathematician, brother of the Speaker of the parliament and brother to the chief justice and son of a former powerful ayatollah, (the family Zakaria referred to as 'the Kennedy's of Iran') must have been schooled by George Orwell, he of newspeak fame, in which all words mean the opposite of their stated meaning.
"War is Peace," the heinous slogan from Orwell's novel, Nineteen eighty-four, lept to my mind as I listened to this very articulate and very 'smiling' and obviously very 'coached' spokesman who was visiting the United Nations to 'inform' that auguste body of the real situation concerning human rights in Iran.
Not being schooled in diplomatic double-speak, this observer could not help but wonder what kind of helium this man was breathing, so thin was his logic, and so thin was his credibility when he said things like, 'of course there is protest in a real democracy' (when referred to the massive street protests at the results of the election of the current president).
If you think the U.S. president has a significant problem in dealing with the Republicans over the next two years, (they have pointedly and deliberately and openly declared their intent to make Obama a one-term president), then compare that with the possibility of having to discuss anything with the likes of this man from Iran. I would not only want my back covered in a conversation with such as he; I would want "all sides" covered, as I wore clothes with no pockets, for obvious reasons.
Fortunately, Zakaria knew that he would get no serious and credible responses to his inquiries, so he moved gracefully from one file to another, leaving the guest hanging in the empty wind of his own larynx.
"Punishment" must be seen from a cultural perspective"...in reference to the impending death by stoning of an Iranian woman for adultery.
"Why not?" when asked if the U.S. and Iran could eventually come to the table to discuss issues, "after the U.S. accepts that Iran is a powerful and influential country in the region and respects that reality."
"It is not in our interest to attack any country"...in response to the question, "Can you declare unequivocally that Iran will not attack Israel?"
Is this what is looks and sounds like when you open a large bag of "information" only to discover a bag full of rhetorical carbon monoxide on international television?

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