Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's all for the grand children!

Whenever the news gets a little bleak, frustrating and perhaps even hinting at hopeless, there is always the opportunity to think about what is really important. Here is your scribe, with his most recent grand-daughter and her mother, taken only weeks after her birth.
She embodies, along with her two cousins, also grand-daughters, the hopes and dreams of all of the members of their families. And surely, it has to be for and about them that we take whatever initiatives available to us:
  •  toward eliminating poverty,
  • and nuclear weapons,
  • detoxifying hatred and bigotry,
  • building bridges between cultures, socio-economic groups, religions and genders, and
  • enhancing awareness of the potential in every other person for joining in the efforts to make the world more habitable and more sustainable, more conscious of the implications that we all share
        •  the same air, water, land,
        • and at the same time, we also pollute the same air, water and land, and
        • we all share in the responsibility for cleaning our own messes, of the political, and the environmental and the diplomatic and the dangerous and threatening kinds.
We are all working toward some common goals...and the kind of life that little girls born in 2010 will live in 2040, when their grandparents will have departed, has to matter to every grandparent everywhere.
And the task of raising the consciousness of all nobility, in every corner of the globe, irrespective of the level of academic achievement, or financial income, or political power, or corporate power and influence, or military status, or athletic or theatrical achievement never ends. We are all equal and we all share both the hopes and the dreams for the best education, health care, working life and also family development to which our grand children might aspire.

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