Friday, December 10, 2010

A little community...seeking more enrichment and more interactivity, right here! Pageviews by Countries for the month from November 9 through December 9, 2010

United States 525
Canada 171
United Kingdom 55
Singapore 39
Russia 27
Germany 21
Ukraine 12
France 6
Netherlands 6
Slovenia 6
What conclusions are available in these numbers?
With nearly 400 pageviews from countries, other than the U.S., we at the would like to know what some of our readers' choices reflect. Do you want more news from Canada?
Do you want more reflections on events from around the globe, through the lens of a Canadian perspective?
What issues are you facing that we in Canada are also facing, and are there approaches being tried in your part of the world that would be useful in North America? If so, please let us know!
Are there stories from Canada that  you would like to read about, in such areas as the arts, science, medicine, new books, new business developments?
There is a real opportunity for this little comunity of readers to share some observations, some insights and some hopes and dreams, in a way never before either imagined or feasible. Let's take advantage, if you have the time, and the inclination....and please don't worry about your command of the English language....take a few steps into the attempt....if you need more easy access, please let us know.
We are grateful that you have found our little project and that you are "turning our pages"....and we would like to meet and address your interests, whenever and wherever they intersect with our's.

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