Monday, January 31, 2011

Sanctimonious Can. gov't. ads...crass and unseemly

It is almost impossible to escape the "wall-to-wall"coverage of the Egyptian uprising, on Canadian and American television. It is also virtually impossible to escape the punditry that attends the coverage. However, buried in the evening's coverage, especially the CBC's, are some Harper governments ads that ought to arouse a sleepy citizenry.
First, there is the "baby safety" ad, that talks about how dangerous are 'soft mattresses' in babies' cribs, making it more likely for the baby to die in such situations. It is not the content of the ad, but the timing that perturbs this observer. Riding the crest of election talk, here are the Harper Conservatives using public money to attempt something to which no Canadian could possibly object, baby safety. Elections are not about baby safety, they are about policies that govern the population, and making itself seem like the all-caring Mother/Father/Grandfather, in such a crass manner, is not only unseemly; it simply smells! Using our money to tell us that they support baby safety, making it seem that we can be comfortable with giving them a majority....that's political propaganda beyond Orwellian proportions!
It reminds one of the same sanctimonious government's policy to create 27,000 new prison cells, because they are the "law-and-order" government when crime rates are falling, yet they contend 'many crimes are not being reported.' Is this their version of the neo-con 'nanny state' protecting us from our worst fears?
And then there is the advertising for all the wonderful things that have happened to Canadian individuals and companies, as a result of the government's "Action Play" for Canadians. We have seen those ugliest of graphic designs shouting the multiple projects across the country for months if not years. And here again, is the federal government continuing to spend our money virtually in a campaign ad that solicits additional support for the government, in the event of an election call and writ.
Embarrassed by their own political chicanery in their ads last week that took Ignatieff's "Yes! Yes! Yes!" completely out of context, this government is without shame and is utterly classless in its brazen use of public funds to serve its own selfish interests, while all the time using phrases like "we have kept the faith, and we have delivered on our promises and we have not served ourselves" in the multiple Harper speeches of the last few days.
Five years is five years too long for the life of this government. We need a new government, and with it a new vision that focuses on the living conditions, increasing living costs and employment conditions of many Canadians. And for the NDP even to think of cozying up to Harper, to put the political squeeze on Ignatieff, as suggested by a Nanos Reseearch executive earlier today on CTV, would be the height of hypocrisy. If there is a political alliance to be made by the NDP, it is with the Liberals, in policy, and in campaigning.

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