Monday, February 28, 2011

Sell-off: the business of ethics derailed

Nellie Furtado gives to charity the one million dollars
from a forty-five-minute show for ghadafi in
Italy while
madman moammar denies there is an uprising
in his country "where everybody loves me" and
there are no hired mercenaries from Chad
killing Libyans
Charley Sheen demands a one-million-dollar
raise to do the last eight shows in his contract with CBS for
Two and a Half Men
and Kevin O'Leary chimes
'greed is good and I love money' on CBC
as corporate suits turn a blind eye to the
corruption with which they comply, in order
to bank those profits in countries without
decency, civility and hope for their
and governments cling to their polling
stations waiting for "how the wind blows"
before condemning the dictators after
sleeping with them for decades to feed
the insatiable appetite for oil, or
diamonds, or sales of guns, planes and
all of it blessed by the church hierarchy
as an ex-priest is expected to seek
penance for too much care and compassion
and withholds his apology and humility
because his soul has not been sold for
thirty pieces of silver, or a multibillion
contract for oil and weapons...
or sacrificed to a 'vision' of ten percent more
people and fifteen percent more money
from a 'christian' bishop to his diocese
and we all ask ourselves
who is betraying whom? and when?
and why? and when will it stop?

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