Saturday, February 5, 2011

The unconscious "crawl"

The New Wasteland

The digital datastream crawls along the
bottom of the screen
oil is up, cars are down
dow is up like nasdaq
but all of the real data is not
even recorded, let alone
suicides are way up,
especially among the returning
warriors, among teens...
and the investors whose profit
flowed into the gulf-stream when
the BP rig exploded and
families exploded in the
fires of greed and
and kids are high,
beyond the peak of their
honest feelings,
enlarged by chemicals
beyond the radar of law
and morality
the fires of greed are burning the oil
and the water and the dreams of these
children and grandchildren
and we don't even keep
we need the share prices
rising, hardening into a permanent
for the adults
while the
children lie breatheless
succumbed to a different

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