Friday, March 11, 2011

"Just a cotton-pickin' minute"...Ignatieff is NOT a racist!

By Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star, March 11, 2011
Ignatieff used the words (cotton-pickin minute) in relation to the Canadian public and their possible reaction to this week’s Speaker’s rulings on the Conservatives’ abuses in Parliament.

“If you treat the Canadian people with that kind of contempt, if you say democracy is a little distraction, it doesn’t matter to you, look out because the Canadian people … will say: ‘now wait a cotton-pickin’ minute here.”
And for this, Ignatieff is accused of being a racist! Talk about trying to change the channel from two stinging rebukes by the Speaker of the House of Commons of the "HarperGovernment" for contempt of parliament, and from a parliamentary budget office calculation that the F-35 Fighter Jet purchase will cost, not $16 billion but $29 billion....and the best the government can do against the Liberal leader is to miscast his words, and even words that simply do not paint him or anyone else as a racist.
On the front cover of Mclean's this week is a photo of the Liberal leader against a backdrop of a heart monitor with the phrase "flatlining" screaming from the black background in white letters. The thesis of the piece, one has to suppose from the cover, is that Ignatieff, in spite of the multiple errors and mis-steps by the Harpergovernment, is unable to climb up the polls that would see him having a chance against the government in a forthcoming election.
Is there some secret agreement between the government and the magazine to make sure that Ignatieff, and not the serious errors in both commission and omission by the Harpergovernment, is the story.
The front cover of Mclean's, if it is, as it declares, Canada's national magazine, might better have been focused on the historic ruling by Speaker Milliken, the first time in history that a Canadian government has been ruled "in contempt" by the Speaker, after a list of both ideological, bull-headed and destructive moves against long-standing Canadian traditions like the long-form census, the respect for the public service, the national and historic tradition of telling the truth to the House of Commons...and the list goes on and on.
Pummelling on the Liberal leader, on the same day that
  •  the people of Japan have suffered their worst earthquake and tsunami since records have been kept, some 140 years  
  • the people of Libya are being shot down by their dictator in a war of rebellion against forty-plus years of both terror and repression
  • the price of oil at the pump is as high as any day in history
  • the world is struggling with both price and continued supply of necessary oil to keep both economies and social systems operating around the world
  • the U.N. and the EU and the U.S. are struggling with a military option in the Libyan conflict...
Canadian news from Ottawa accuses the Liberal leader of being a racist for uttering the long-standing surrogate for god damn.. "just a cotton pickin minute" when addressing the abuse of democracy that is and has been perpetrated by the Harpergovernment for the last five years!!!!
Unconscionable! Trite! Immature! and Despicable!

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