Friday, April 1, 2011

Binary Harper dictates voter options....I don't think so

Harper paints a picture of two options, as outcomes of the May 2nd vote:
  1. a Conservative majority government
  2. a coalition of Liberals, NDP and Bloc
However, not being the lemmings that Harper considers most members of the electorate to be     and knowing that  there is a difference in the real world between a binary choice and a multitude of options, and not being willing to be herded into the narrow corral of Mr. Harper's mind like cows ready for slaughter, we voters do not and will not subscribe to his prescription.
There are a multitide of optional results to the vote on May 2nd.
They include the two Harper proposes along with others:
  • A Liberal majority government
  • A Liberal minority government, with a loose alliance with the NDP alone, on specific issues
  • A Conservative minority government with much fractiousness and more shouting in Parliament
  • An NDP minority government with a loose alliance with the Liberals, on specific issues
It is the unadulterated gall of a Prime Minister, and not a very effective or popular one at that, to begin to tell Canadians how he is charge of the options framing the voter's choice when s/he enters the ballot booth to vote that truly offends. Of course, he tells the media how many questions he will answer; he tells his cabinet ministers what they will say publicly and when and how, and with what backdrops.
In addition to the nickname of Stephen Hubris, we could legitimately add: Stephen Binary Hubris, as if all complex issues can and will be reduced to two options, and those will come, always and inevitably, from the mind of the Prime Minister.
If  Harper thought he was on a short leash in the last elections, it just got tighter as a consequence of    his own  attitudes, statements and actions...hopefullly so short that he will be reduced to the Leader of the Opposition and be forced out by his party as leader.

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