Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sad day in Canadian politics

Conservatives: 167
New Democrats: 102
Liberals: 34
Bloc: 4
Green: 1
So Quebec has finally agreed that it would rather have a large cadre of Members of Parliament who support the federation and who support left-leaning social policies than a group of separatists representing her in Otawa. For that, Canadians can be relieved.
However, giving the Conservatives under Stephen Harper a majority is a horse of a different colour.
Is the Liberal Party relegated to a footnote in Canadian history?
Is the NDP so ascendant that they could conceivably take power in another election?
Now, after five years of watching a minority parliament, Canadians have wrought a neo-con government without restrictions. There is simply no opportunity for any clustering of opposition to force them out of government.
Sad day in Canadian politics.
p.s. Congratulations to Dr.Ted Hsu, who won the riding of Kingston and the Islands for the Liberals.

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