Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post Offices Diversify in electronic age..successfully!

By Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star, June 28, 2011
(Postal services include more than letters in several world post offices.)
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Citizens travelling to the U.S. can pay their visa fees at the post office before booking an appointment at the embassy.
  • Australia: A post office of the future in Brisbane will include a 24/7 zone, where customers pick up parcels any time, as well as a self-service terminal to weigh and post parcelt, foreigh exchange and a range of rravel services are also planned.
  • India: Customers can send electronic or instant money orders to post offices across India using their debit or credit cards. Electronic orders are disbursed within 24 hours, while the more expensive instant money order it disbursed with a minute.
  • Israel: The postal bank offers foreign exchange transactions as well as simple banking. The  bank does not permit overdraft and no interest is paid on the account.
  • Germany: Businesses can pay DeutschPost (DHL) to design publications and flyers for deliveries. Customers can buy stamps online and print them on their computer or their mobile phones and get a code to write on the envelope.
  • South Africa: Drivers can renew their motor vehicle licenses at many outlets. In some regions people can pay traffic fines or check if they have outstanding fines with their car registration number

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