Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trudeau's verbal "S-bomb" speaks for many Canadians, including this one!

Justin Trudeau exploded in indignation yesterday in the House of Commons, calling Minister of the Environment Peter Kent a "piece of shit"....largely for berating NDP Environment Critic, Megan Leslie for not attending the UN Durban environment conference, after having been barred from the conference by the same minister who was berating her for not attending. Also excluded from the Canadian delegation were the Leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, who attended after securing credentials by other means, and any other members of parliament who might have presented a more moderate view than the one offered by Kent for the Canadian government.
Trudeau expressed honest and sincere apology for his unparliamentary outburst, and withdrew his remark, immediately after the incident.
However, many Canadians, including your current scribe, have been boiling inside for months at the outright arrogance, downright deception and virtual impunity from exposure by the national media for their lies, deceptions and talking points, which rarely, if ever, answer reporters' questions. It is as if this government is above all that mundane stuff of  truth, full disclosure and collaborative listening to the opinions of others, given their adamant and incessant assertion of their most repeated line,"We were given a strong mandate to do precisely what we are doing by the Canadian people"....and therefore we are supposed to accept whatever it is they wish to do.
Trudeau spoke for thousands, perhaps millions, of angered, frustrated and dispossessed Canadians in breaking through the veil of assumed holiness with which the government has wrapped itself.
Listening to the responses to the outburst being read on CBC television this morning, with emails from western Canada deeply critical of Trudeau, probably more displaced anger at his father than over the current incident, one is struck by the deep divide that exists between the west and the central part of this country and the potential for the government to ride its own windfall, in the proposal for new seats in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. They will likely assure themselves of another majority government in 2015, simply by refusing to answer questions, refusing to disclose normal parliamentary information, and by creating some 30-plus new seats.
Meanwhile, we are left wondering how many other outbursts (NDP Patrick Martin blew a verbal gasket on an email just last month at the government's abuse of parliament and has not apologized.) there will be before the government is forced to change their attitude, if ever.

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