Friday, January 20, 2012

Where did the Singapore readers go? And why?

Dear Singapore: Your country has been a substantial supporter of this blog, for the past year. In fact, it racked up nearly 10,000 page reads, before those pagereads stopped, surprisingly, and completely the day I advocated an Entebbe-like raid on President Assad of Syria to stop the killing and maiming of innocents in the streets of that country.
There were no comments posted to object to the opinion expressed in the piece.
There was no indication that such a full stop was about to occur.
There is only a list of questions, a fairly long list, in the writer's mind about possible reasons for this change of heart and reading habits.
Was the opinion expressed to harsh, and unwarranted, according to the views of the then Singapore readers?
Was there a decision by someone in power in Singapore that this blog had become too "dangerous" or too "provocative" or to "out-of-step" with the culture and political attitudes of the people and leadership in Singapore?
Did the 10,000 pagereads constitute an assignment in current affairs, in some political science class in some college or university and that assignment come to an end?
There is some doubt generated by a "falling off the cliff" of readership without comment, complaint or recommendation(s). It leaves one first shocked, then quizzical, then perplexed, and then a little confused and somewhat assertive to discover just what is, has been and will be going on in the relationship between Singapore readers and this blog.
We would sincerely appreciate someone shedding a little light on this mystery, even if that light is not complimentary to the opinions expressed throughout the nearly 1000 postings since April 2010.
We would, of course, love to welcome back Singapore readers, including their criticisms and questions.
We would naturally appreciate any feedback that would build a better blog, a more extensive sharing of opinions and closer connections, and thereby understandings between and among the people of various countries, nearly 100 different countries, at last count.

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