Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter to Editor hits nail on head on "petro-ized Canada... thanks!

From Letters to the Editor, Globe and Mail, April 16, 2012
When it comes to combusting all that lovely oil in our new petro-ized Canada, the cash is small comfort. It is akin to congratulating ourselves on gaining admittance to the first-class dining room on Titanic’s maiden voyage. We are not all environmentalists, but we are all passengers or crew – and on R.M.S. Earth, there are no lifeboats at all.

Peter Denton, Winnipeg
And, in a world gone gah gah over the percs of all the first-class dining rooms in all the first class ships/planes/towers, in our headlong, and headstrong pursuit of power, position and wealth, to the exclusion, through denial and hubris of both a larger and more important reality of equality and shared, finite resources on the planet, who can be surprised at the line-up for another far-more-potentially tragic 'voyage' without a realistic and planned destination...what the hell, it's only our future that is being staked on a flimsy casino table with a Prime Minister supervising the table, while his lackies urge us all to come and bring our coins, betting on his mastery of the chicanery.
And, given that "business" operates on a nano-second-by-nano-second length of vision, burping and hiccupping as the digits fly by on the bottom of the screens with this or that blip on the stock prices, and the next best opportunity to "cash in"...and individuals watch the world's economy careening around corners covered with ice, overlooking deep and dangerous canyons and seemingly only drunk hands on the wheel, and the eyes attached to those hands paying little or not attention to the forecast of impending storms, because we have fallen into the carpe diem party-on, take what you can get now and forget about tomorrow because who knows if there even will be a tomorrow....what can we expect.
We have become sycophants to the business "mind-set" of proft and greed, legitimized it to such an extent that we have lost our way and even our diligence and care to find it once again and only the eccentric fringe is still crying in the wilderness hoping to find support.
Thanks, Peter Denton, for your insightful, sardonic and pithy metaphor...let's hope there are enough millions listening to throw Harper and his gang out in 2015!

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