Sunday, June 24, 2012

What next for Muslim their candidate is President of Egypt

Quote from Christiane Amanpour on CNN a few minutes ago:
The Muslim Brotherhood said they would not contest the Egyptian Presidential election! And they did!
The Muslim Brotherhodd said they would not contest the Parliamentary elections in Egypt! And they did!
Now, the Muslim brotherhood declares that it wants to "work with everyone, Christians, seculars, the military, to form a new government for Egypt. What else will it do, that it said it was not going to to?
Or is the new question, "What will it not do that it said it would do?
Now the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Morsi, has been declared the winner in the presidential run-off, and Egypt faces a tectonic struggle between the military and the Muslim street. Morsi was imprisoned by Mubarak for some 17 months, and his opponent in the presidential vote was a former number two under Mubarak.
Will Egypt be the first Middle Eastern country to have experienced the Arab Spring of 2011, to move to an Islamic state, including Sharia law, the subjugation of women and the reversal of the Mubarak 'entente' with Israel?
"Wanting friendly relations with the rest of the world," as reports indicate is the desire of the new government will necessarily include the United States, and becoming friends with the U.S. no matter who is in the White House, includes respect for the government and people of Israel. Is that even possible, under the new president? Will the people in Tahrir Square this morning even silently and passively agree to that?
The eyes of the world, once again, are on the hundreds of thousands of celebrators in Cairo's main public square, this morning, and while it is not violent, in action, will there be violence, as a result of the declaration of Morsi as president?

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