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R + R = B(3)....this is NOT Rocket Science!

Not only is Gail Collins' piece (below) a great "read" and a even greater "satire," the content is also somewhat tragic.
Romney-Ryan, like a couple of political Siamese twins (wannabees) are trying to knock off the president who inherited what amounts to the greatest mess in economic and in foreign affairs in the last century, from the firm of Dubya-"Cheeeney" (honouring Chris Matthews' pronunciation of the former VEEP), and then faced the most obstructionist Congress of Republican majority in the House and a strong minority in the Senate in memory, but nevertheless brought American troups home from Iraq, and has made some progress in bringing them home from Afghanistan, (if not quickly enough) and has put a professional, constructive, collaborative and somewhat realistic human face on U.S. relations with most foreign capitals, while also bailing out the auto industry, and, oh, by the way, passing the Affordable Health Care Act, extending health care coverage to millions who previously did without, because they either had a pre-existing condition for which the insurance companies could and did refuse coverage (they can't now!) or because they could not afford coverage. "Obamacare" removes $716 billion by insisting on efficiencies from the insurance companies, hospitals and the clinicians, without reducing a penny from care, as Romney-Ryan are dishonestly charging.
The country faces, still, an unemployment rate above 8%, and will likely until years following the election in November, so the Romney-Ryan promise to put people back to work pales in comparison with the Obama "jobs bills" currently languishing in the House, because Republicans refuse to debate it and adopt it.
What is really scary is that, under the guise of economic policy differences and size of government arguments, the right wing is literally pouring billions into the Romney-Ryan war chest, led by some guy named Adelson, a casino owner, who allegedly wants to control American foreign policy on the Israel file.
He apparently received a very early visit from Ryan, following his pick to the VEEP slot on the ticket, and is reported to be ready willing and able to write a check for up to $10 million, himself, personally, in support of the Romney-Ryan vaccuity.
How long do you think it will be, if Romney-Ryan win the White House, before the U.S. attacks Iran, with or without Israel having the join the fight? Weeks or days? Certainly not months!
For our money, R + R = B(3)* and that is a formula the world cannot tolerate.
(*Romney plus Ryan = Bush #3)
By Gail Collins, New York Times, August 17, 2012
Let's get a few things straight. 
First of all, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are not the same person. They aren’t even related! Stop spreading rumors! Although they do sort of look alike and enjoy spending time together. Perhaps Mitt regards Paul as the sixth son he never had.
Ryan is the one who lives on the same block where he grew up. Romney is the one who lives above the car elevator.
Ryan is the one who spent his youth cooking hamburgers at McDonald’s. Romney is the one who used to enjoy dressing up as a police officer and playing fun pranks on his prep school friends. Neither one of them worked as a Wienermobile driver. Really, I don’t know where you get this stuff.
Ryan is the one who likes to catch catfish by sticking his fist into their burrows and dragging them out by the throat. Romney is the one who drove to Canada with his dog strapped to the car roof.
When it comes to the issues, both men are on the same page. Although the page does keep turning and you have to wonder how average voters can cope with all of the confusion.
Fortunately, polls suggest average voters have already decided who they’re going to support and, therefore, have no need whatsoever to try to figure out which page the Romney-Ryan campaign is on.
Practically the only person in America who claims to have no idea who he’s going to vote for is Senator Joseph Lieberman, who recently declared himself absolutely and totally undecided. People, do you think it’s possible that the entire presidential campaign is now being waged just for the benefit of Joseph Lieberman? On the one hand, that’s a real waste of about $1 billion. On the other, it’s exactly what Joseph Lieberman has been waiting for all his life.
Anyhow, about the issues:
Ryan is the one who requested stimulus money for his district, but he is sorry. The stimulus was a terrible thing, and Ryan had no intention of trying to glom onto a chunk of it. He thought he was just forwarding a constituent request for some ... constituent thing. Or four.
Romney is the one who hired undocumented workers to mow his lawn. Totally by mistake.
Ryan is the one who voted for a massive prescription drug Medicare entitlement, the Bush tax cuts and two wars without paying for any of them. He is even sorrier about this than he is about the stimulus.
Romney is the one who passed Obamacare before Obama. But it wasn’t the same thing at all because it happened in a state.
Both men want to make more big tax cuts that will be paid for with the closing of tax loopholes. They are in total, complete concurrence that the identity of these loopholes is not an appropriate topic for a presidential campaign.
Ryan is supposed to be the Tea Party hero and Romney is the one they hated so much they were actually willing to contemplate a Newt Gingrich presidency to avoid him.
But I’m not entirely sure we can trust the hard right to know what it wants anymore. This week in Florida, a Republican primary uprising knocked out Cliff Stearns, a superconservative veteran congressman who had campaigned on his efforts to kill off federal funds for Planned Parenthood and embarrass the Obama administration with an investigation into the Solyndra loans. That sort of bragging enraged the faithful by reminding them that Stearns was a Washington insider, and he lost to a newcomer named Ted Yoho.
Maybe Tea Party voters now only want to send people to Washington who will lack the capacity to get anything done. Personally, I’m kind of O.K. with that. Also, I like the idea of having a congressman named Ted Yoho, as well as the fact that Yoho describes himself as a “large animal veterinarian.” We don’t have many veterinarians in Congress, and you never can tell when a visiting heifer will come down with a medical problem.
All right, a little more about the issues.
Romney has a plan to make Medicare solvent forever. We know this because he wrote “Solvent” on the board at a press conference the other day.
Ryan used to have a plan to make Medicare solvent forever by taking it away from everybody under age 55 and giving them health insurance vouchers instead. But that was so 2011.
Now, Ryan and Romney are on the same page when it comes to Medicare, which is that it must be saved from the $716 billion in cuts President Obama wants to make over the next 10 years. Although that same $716 billion was in the budget plan that Ryan got the House to pass this year. But it’s not like he expected it to happen. “We would never have done it,” he told campaign reporters, desperate wretches condemned to roam the earth with calculators, endlessly searching for the Ryan-Romney page.

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