Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Truth-telling omissions from the Chris Christry key-note address last night

So, let's take Jew Jersey Governor Chris Christy at his word and "tell the truth" as he said both he and Romney/Ryan are going to do:
  1. Where is the truth-telling about the obstructionist House of Representatives, who have religiously blocked every single piece of legislation proffered by the Obama White House, since the 2008 election?
  2. Where is the truth-telling about the two wars that Dubya got the U.S. involved in following 9/11 without finding the funds to conduct either or both of them?
  3. Where is the truth-telling about the Dubya-sponsored Senior drug plan that was also unfunded?
  4. Where is the truth-telling about the years of de-regulation, especially at that applies to the Financial Services sector, and the debacle of the housing bubble and the credit defaults that also occurred under Bush-Cheney?
  5. Where is the truth-telling about Senate Minority Leader McConnell's widely publicized declaration that his sole purpose was to "ensure that Obama was a one-term president"?
  6. Where is the truth-telling that Obama did not "steal" from Medicare some $716 billions, but rather that those savings are recovered from efficiencies in hospitals and insurance company deliveries of health care, and not from patients with vouchers, as Ryan and the Republicans prefer?
  7. Where is the truth-telling about the Obama initiative to help to resuscitate the auto industry, in the form of federal loans to General Motors and Chrysler, both of which companies are now profitable, providing thousands of jobs that would have been lost without the bail-out, and both companies have also paid back most of those loans, with interest?
  8. Where is the truth-telling that under "Obama-care" insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions?
  9. Where is the truth-telling that young people can now, under Obama-care, be covered under their parents' insurance policy until they reach age 26?
  10. Where is the truth-telling that some 30 million of the previous 47 million of American citizens are now or will be covered as a requirement of Obama-care?
  11. Where is the truth-telling that American businesses are withholding millions in their cash accounts, as a deliberate move to hold the American economy and people hostage, to be released upon the hoped-for election of the Republican presidential ticket?
  12. Where is the truth-telling that American corporations are funnelling millions of their profits into foreign bank accounts, as a way to avoid legitimate U.S. corporate taxes, thereby depriving the American treasury of millions in legitimate and expected tax revenue?
  13. Where is the truth-telling that Republicans in Congress are absolute about their insistence on tax cuts for the very wealthy, as contained in the Bush tax cuts?
  14. Where is the truth-telling about the Republicans in Congress refusal to cut the budget of the Pentagon, 40% of which is secret, according to reliable sources?
  15. Where is the truth-telling from the Republican party about the exponential growth in the budget of the Homeland Security Department, a department originated by Bush-Cheney?
  16. Where is the truth-telling about the "recovery" in New Jersey, your home state, that still lags near the bottom in both job creation and income disparity?
You may have attempted to "rouse the base" of the Republican party last night; however, not only did you completely deconstruct Ann Romney's exhortation about love, by underlining 'respect' as its trump,
but you raised many more questions about your own commitment to the truth, as well as that of your party.

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