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CAVEAT EMPTOR: CU Boulder Campus open for "concealed-carry permit" guns

from, September 15, 2012
After a March court decision overturned a systemwide ban on guns, the University of Colorado on Wednesday decided to allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring them almost everywhere on its Boulder campus.

CU Boulder retained its prohibition on guns in dorms, and firearms are banned entirely from ticketed events, including sports games and concerts. Regent Jim Geddes found these remaining restrictions to be a failure of the university’s obligation to protect its students.
—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.
The Denver Post:
“At the end of the day, you still have created some gun-free zones on campus,” Geddes said. “Creating a gun-free zone without taking some other measures to protect our students within those zones has shown over and over again to be a failed policy.”
The regents approved the new policy on a 7-0 vote, with board chairman Michael Carrigan, D-Denver, abstaining. Regent Joe Neguse, D-Boulder, was absent from the meeting
Regent Stephen Ludwig, D-Denver, voted to approve the new rules.

"I'm supporting this measure because it brings the university in compliance with the law," Ludwig said.
In June 2010, the regents took a vote on whether they should continue a legal fight to keep guns off campus.
The Colorado Court of Appeals that year ruled in favor of a gun-rights group that argued in a lawsuit that a 1994 university policy banning concealed weapons violated state gun laws. At the time, Tillie Bishop, R-Grand Junction, sided with the Democrats on the principle that regents should have the authority to set rules for the campus.
CU officials studied policies at other universities and at military bases in Colorado to examine their gun rules for dorms and barracks.
University counsel Patrick O'Rourke reported to the board that the attorney general has not raised any concerns with CU's new policy.
CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano told the board that university officials have held an open forum and met with various campus groups and departments to keep them apprised of the new campus gun rules. Asked whether university employees have been given ample notice, DiStefano said: "Absolutely."
CU sent a letter to professors last month clarifying that employees must adhere to the new rules.
The letter came after Jerry Peterson, a physics professor and chairman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly, told the Camera that he will cancel class if he notices any students carrying guns.
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Just as we watch some twenty US consulates and/or embassies under attack across the Muslim world, we now learn that one of the most notable universities in the country has fallen over the cliff, "bringing the university into compliance with the law" as one trustee puts it, by opening the campus to guns.
In literary terms, this represents one of the more graphic examples of the oxymoron.
How does the permission to carry guns reconcile with the pursuit of advanced learning?
In a word, "It doesn't!"
And it will not, no matter how many trustees voted in favour.
If you think the crazies are in control of the board of trustees at CU, you would be right.
If you think the board of trustees is primarily focused on the students' need for a comprehensive and exhaustive and contemporary education at their vaunted campus, you would be mistaken.
And when the Boulder campus signs on to the "gun culture" that abounds throughout the country, you know the president will have a very difficult time winning the state of Colorado.
Next we will learn that Clint Eastwood has been appointed Chancellor of CU, in honour of his performance at the Tampa-Tea-Party Convention of the "former" Republican party. That would complete the take-over by the red-necks of this illustrious learning institute.

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