Saturday, September 29, 2012

Disenfranchisement, another name for class warfare

In Kosovo, they called it "ethnic cleansing."
In the United States, it goes by a different name: "disenfranchisement."
Republicans have a different campaign going on one that is under the public, televised, debated and reported on by the public media, "under the radar" as it were.
Depending on the way of counting, there are as many as ten million people who are or could be disenfranchised, barred from voting in November.
The groups impacted including former felons, seniors without appropriate identification, young people, the poor, blacks, latinos.
There are only two states in the nation which do not disenfranchise felons, Vermont and Maine, states dubbed by the former neo-con columnist Robert Novak as "boutique" states, in his contemptuous and contemptible phrase.
While accusing the Democratic ticket of lying, both Romney and Ryan lead and represent a group, the Republican Party, that is telling lies as the central message of their campaign.
While "preventing" voter fraud, never demonstrated to be a significant problem, Republicans in many states have passed laws, written and re-written regulations and provided the necessary enforcement of those "regs" to keep as many of the "undesireables" out of the polling booths, in order to "assure the White House to Romney" in the words of the governor of Pennsylvania.
While accusing the Democrats of creating "class warfare," Republicans are committed to social engineering, as a way of removing the votes of those whose votes would likely go to the Democratic ticket, and shout loud protests of denial that they are engaged in a full-scale "class war"....
And the world is watching!
This is the country that advertises itself as the world's bastion of democracy, the country that teaches countries how to grow a democracy, while, back home, its record of upholding the traditions of "universal suffrage" slide into the Gulf, stimulated, and sustained in that slide by millions of dollars flowing like sewage into the Republican coffers, and the coffers of the super-pac's that support Republican candidates from Republican, anonymous donors whose agenda is kept from public view and analysis.
Russia can and likely will look at this election as one that elevates the degree to which they have achieved "democracy" so reprehensible is the Republican war on voters they think of as "scum" and unwilling to take responsibility for their lives.
Should Romney/Ryan be elected, the world will know that Orwell has, indeed, been installed in the White House, and all attempts to bring truth and reality to public debate will be subverted by the Republican campaign to engineer their "purity" into the government.

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