Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Starving for "trust" like animals dying of thirst in the desert

There are some very disturbing signs of ugliness in various parts of the globe, most of them "man-made".
In Pakistan, a fourteen-year-old girl is shot in the head and her shooters are proud of their violence, having targeted her for over a year simply because she represents "western values" by attending school and urging other girls to follow. In the mind (?) of the Taliban, that's called propaganda and warrants her assassination.
In Athens, Greece, yesterday, Angela Merkel's visit prompted 20,000 street protesters, accompanied by swastika flags, and a mock-up of Hitler riding through the streets in uniform and distinguishable moustache giving the straight-arm salute, in protest of the 'austerity' terms imposed as terms of the loan Germany made to keep Greece afloat and hopefully remaining in the Eurozone.
"A return to the old Europe, not a move forward" is the way the event was reported in North America. The neo-nazi movement grows in several quarters.
In Lybia, the FBI are attempting to conduct an investigation into the murder of the U.S.ambassador and three colleagues, inside the American consulate, in a country overrun,we're told, by private militias, one of them allegedly linked to the AlQaeda network. The terrorism movement grows in several quarters.
In Iran the IAEA is attempting to inspect nuclear facilities, to determine whether or not they are calculated to produce a nuclear weapon, while the Iranian president pontificates on North American television about the peaceful intent of Iran, while the currency falls by 50% and the people, living under  severe sanctions, protest the kind of deprivation caused by those sanctions.
In Virginia, the Republican candidate for president delivers a speech on 'foreign policy' in front of military cadets pristine in their white uniforms, delivering a bellicose message of American "power and prestige" fitting for the 1950's and the cold war, but tonally deaf to the complexities of the current situation. Just last week, that same candidate abandoned his "authentic" positions of the last two years as a social conservative and spoke the language of a moderate demonstrating the "etch-a-sketch" reality of one of T.S. Eliot's Hollow Men. The former Republican candidate, John McCain, publicly states it is 'unbecoming' for the Obama campaign to call Romney "a liar" even though his words this week do not match his words for the last two years. Within weeks he could have his hand on the trigger of the greatest arsenal of military power in history, if the American people are so frightened that they project their "fears" onto him and his macho image, and elect him President.
In Canada, meanwhile, after they cut nearly $50 million from the Agriculture budget, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency faces the largest recall of Canadian beef because of E-coli contamination in an Alberta plant that processes over one-third of all beef processed in the country. But "everyone has done their job" according to the Minister of Agriculture speaking in the House of Commons.
Canadian beef is now banned as far away as Hong Kong, not to mention across the U.S., whose inspection services were dramatically more effective sooner than their Canadian counterparts. The political deception movement continues to grow.
In the U.S. deaths mount, and the disease of meningitis spreads to well over a hundred cases, because of tainted needles in hormone injections.
The radical Islamic imam who taunted Great Britain by declaring Islam would take over Buckingham Palace leaving the Queen with two options, to convert to Islam or leave the country, is on trial in the U.S. pleading innocence to the charge of having attempted to recruit terrorists for training in Oregon.
And the  former football coach accused of some forty-plus crimes of molesting young boys, under the cover of a charity he established, pleads innocence as he is sentenced to between 30 and 60 years for his malfeasance. Would it also be "unbecoming" to dub him a "liar" also? Or are his accusers the "liars"?
Just yesterday, a neighbour tells the story of having put his treasured sports car into a paint-shop for a make-over, only to find the job was not performed up to reasonable and normal standards. Then, he went to a different shop and had the car repainted, this time professionally. He paid both "painters" and covered up his dismay, disappointment and anger with the first painter, a distant relative, and in order to make sure everyone saved face, prepared a story about having provided the number of the colour and maintained the pretense of offending no one.
Have we somehow created two competing of such ugly violence and protest for whatever motive of offense, and the other equally offensive but politically correct to make sure that we are not "like the Taliban" who shoot those whom we consider offensive. The complicity to lie continues to grow
And we claim to champion "trust" when the amount and quality of that ingredient, necessary for all relationships and for a healthy society and culture is in such short supply, as if the volume of our claim will substitute for its absence.
Methinks we are starving for mutual trust, like animals dying of thirst in a parched desert unable to find an oasis before their last breath. And yet, we all know that we each have the capacity to give  truth, trust, authenticity and mutual respect, should we be confident it will be reciprocated.
Have we lost that confidence? More importantly, can we get it back?

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