Wednesday, November 7, 2012

U.S.Vote: a northern perspective

If you think history was made four years ago, with the election of the first black president of the United States, then welcome to the first day of the next epoch in American history, when the principal (if not principled) argument of the Republic Minority Leader in the Senate, Lord Fauntelroy McConnell, "that Obama become a one-term president" has been left in ruins on the floor of the Senate Chamber.
Also left in ruins are the plethora of state legislative manoeuvres (all of them from Republicans) to deny voters from the racial minorities, the poor, the un-and under-employed, students) their right and access to the democratic right to vote.
Decimated too, although written into the airwaves of eternity to be recovered at some time in the future when highly sensitive recovery devices will bring them back for historians, are the many racial slurs, the demonic slanders and libellious statements that were flung at Barack Hussein Obama by too many Republican operatives, supporters and locker-room thugs, like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump and even some respected Republican "voices" whose hatred of this president is echoed by those in the south who, today, are encaging Obama signs in cages on their front lawns, trashing lawns where Obama signs still stand and threatening anyone who speaks out in joy and praise for the election result.
Disproven are the many lies, inconsistencies, and self-betrayals of the Romney-Ryan campaign, including, but certainly not restricted to the bogus claim that Jeep is shipping all manufacturing jobs to China, on which their campaign doubled-down, rather than retract, when Sergio Marchionne, the Chief Executive of Chrysler-Fiat, publicly exposed their contention as untrue, now and in the future.
If these political mistakes are an indication that business really doesn't care about the truth, about the relationship with the customer so long as those customers continue to "buy" (Romney did, after all, submit his credentials as a businessman, as the core of his resume, to the electorate!) then all customers/consumers need to take a big drink of high-powered coffee whenever they consider making a significant purchase of anything important. There may be little or no truth to the promises of the warranty, or the promises of the insurance policy, or the details of the business contract.
If all of this sound both trite and cynical, as well as smug and condescending, I accept those criticisms because I feel a kind of detached amazement, linked to profound humility and gratitude that the American people are not "as dumb as some would like them to be"....especially the Republican cynics who believed they could and would get away with their chicanery! I also feel that I was observing the turning of the big "aircraft carrier, USA" in the large ocean of changing currents in the times including;-
  1. new demographics,
  2. new technologies,
  3. new sacred cows and
  4. the death of many tired and exhausted shibboleths, like so many barnacles that have been taking root in the walls and the pews of the so-called christian churches such as:- 
  • homophobia,
  • racism
  • self-righteousness,
  • the conception and birth of capitalism,
  • sexual control and invasion by both church-and-government of individual lives, especially women
  • the infantilizing of adherents to the authority of a church dogma and the executives who enforce their will on others to submit to their authority, in order to preserve the "purity" of the church's dogma and their political careers
Last night witnessed the evangelical christian movement, and its political twisting of the body politic's will and spirit into their desired thalidomide version of 'new life' being thrown under the proverbial 'bus'(loads of ballots).
The Republican party brand is dead in the U.S., as is the Liberal brand in Canada, and for very good, if very different reasons. The people's compassion, resilience, courage and fortitude, for example
  • to stand for seven or eight hours simply to defy those who would deny them of their right to vote, and
  • to support the Affordable Care Act, and the appropriate treatment of maimed and scarred veterans for wars that should never have been fought, 
  • to support a fair tax system and for a balanced approach to debt and deficit reduction, and
  • to support increased emphasis on scientific research and the business development that ensues from such investments 
  • to support a restrained and balanced foreign policy with a strong backbone and a clear-minded focus on the important detail
  • to under-gird all efforts to stave off the impacts of global warming and climate change
The world is better for this election, as are the American people. And while the world needs to say "thanks to the American people, for their decisive action on the right side of history, the American people can thank themselves for seeing through the many fogs of war- military, economic and political cultural and religious.
It is that clarity that will carry them through the complex negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff that is rolling up on the horizon in Washington. The world cannot afford a United States that falls off that cliff any more than the American people can afford such a fall.
And history sometimes generates expectations, as well as opportunities, often, if not always, simultaneously.

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