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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diplomat: Mali conflict has serious implications for Canada and world

Former diplomat Robert Fowler, who was held captive for 130 days by the insurgents fighting in Mali was interviewed by CBCnews yesterday on the current jihad in that country. He claims his captors told him that they seek to provoke chaos across the whole of Africa, to use as a base to inflict their jihad on North America and on Europe. According to Fowler, they cannot be negotiated with, they are implacable, they are ruthless and they are doing much better in the achievement of their nefarious goal than many people thought they would.
Asked if Canada and other countries need additional resolutions to fully engage the rebels, Fowler pointed to an already passed resolution calling for all means to bring the rebels to heal, as the only sanction the world needs to take action.
"Their house is on fire, so it is a strange time to ask them for their address," was his response to a question asking his response to the Foreign Affairs Minister Baird's directive to the Canadian Ambassador to Mali, to ask the government of  Mali to establish order in their country.
France has now raised the size of their military component to 2500 and there is little doubt that this latest onflict, designed to bring more and more of the world's military personnel into the region to inflict chaos, thereby permitting the rebels more of a base from which to carry out their world-wide jihad, will grow.
From Mali in the west to Mogadishu in the east, one can easily envisage a strangling collar of jihadi control from which to inflict their terror on African nations and peoples, and then to spread it throughout the world.
These rebels, according to Fowler hate freedom, hate our way of life and are determined to break it.

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