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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama building lasting, platinum legacy

Did President Obama signal the potential for peace with Iran in his inaugural address yesterday at noon?
The jury is still out on that one; however, it is not out on his aggressive rhetoric on tackling global warming and climate change....finally!
Only the dinosaurs, (politically speaking, of course!) still push back against the mountains of empirical evidence that says humans are making an hourly contribution to the deterioration of the planet's environment. In fact, there are more people now concurring with the scientists on global warming and climate change than there are who refuse to believe that smoking causes cancer.....some turnaround!
Just like the turnaround on acceptance of the gay and lesbian and transgender communities...
And, one would like to think, the turnaround on the need to ban assault weapons and large magazines, as well as the need for background checks on all gun purchasers...all of these changes coming following the Newtown massacre of children and their teachers.
Another turnaround...not a single word, either in the text of the inaugural address, or in the punditry following, focuses on the president's race....and after only four years of his first term!
The war in Iraq is over, insofar as American troops in battle are concerned.
The war in Afghanistan is coming to an end, with the beginning of American troop withdrawal this year.
Osama bin Laden is dead, and resting at the bottom of the sea.
Cars will have gas mileage rates nearly double their current rates, by 2020.
Obamacare is the law of the land, needing enhancements to be sure, but nevertheless, it is passed, regardless of whether all Republican governors take advantage of the insurance exchanges.
America is becoming an exporter of fossil fuels.
The American "word" abroad has respect, honour and integrity, minus the texan bravado of the eight previous Dubya years.
And, if the office has "humbled him" as he indicated in his brief remarks at the luncheon following the inaugural ceremonies, it has certainly emboldened his approach to the need for political action to support and enhance medicare, medicaid, social security...programs that do not make us "takers" but rather make us free to take the risks necessary to survive and grow in this environment...(Take that, Mr. Romney and put it in your dog cage on top of your car!)
Americans are being led by a confident, and yes humbled president who is more cunning, more subdued and more committed to achieve a lasting and platinum legacy than in his first term....and so, "you ain't seen nothin' yet" might be the most fitting headline from yesterday's party.
If unity is the goal, then it will be up to the Republicans to find a way to "work with" the president and the Democrats or face the pushback from "citizens" engaged in "We the people"...the phrase the echoed across the globe in the address.

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