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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reader Survey solicits opinions, and support

To all present, past and future readers of acorncentreblog.com
Subject: Relationship building and sustaining.
Now that we have been offering this space and content for some thirty-plus months, without advertising, promotion, or even social media connectivity, and have been most gratified that our page reads exceed 74,000, in at least 100 countries, we would like to "ramp-up" our relationship with our readers and supporters.
In order to do that, we would welcome feedback on the following questions:
  1. What issues would you especially like to see covered in the upcoming months?
  2. What would assist you to provide feedback positive, negative or neutral?
  3. What questions would you like to have addressed from a Canadian writer's perspective?
  4. What issues do you think are most important for you, in your sphere of influence, in your workplace, in your community, town, village, city and nation?
  5. What would your response to be the development of both a subscription list, with paid memberships, and a sharing of that membership list, with other readers, so that an "acorncentreblog" community could begin to speak to other people in different places, even adding locations, cultures and expectations on various issues shared by all residents of the planet?
  6. If you would support such a move, what range of membership/subscription fee would you support?  (All figures are based on Canadian dollars.)                              
$5-10 annually  (           )
                                                $10-20 annually  (             )

                                                                                                          $25-30 annually (            )

I make this approach to enhance access to additional publications, thereby enriching the potential for more posts on a larger variety of issues and topics, to enhance the experience for the reader.
Do you have any suggestions, recommendations, observations that would help to make this blog more interesting, more relevant and more cogent and helpful?

Please feel free to comment on the blog site, or email me at
Thank you for your continuing support!

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