Monday, April 22, 2013

Extreme Islam strikes everywhere....when and how will it be stopped?

Integral to the radical element of Islam is a commitment to establish, through martydom and violence, Islamic states under Sharia Law. So the latest killings in Nigeria is just  another chapter in what amounts to a holy war against the rest of the world.
Riding a wave of multple incidents, communicated instantly throughout the planet, radical Islamists are being "grown and developed" through various means, including radical imam preaching, terrorist training camps, and even through radical websites and those dedicated to the production of home-made IED's, or even pressure-cooker bombs filled with shrapnel.
And they are wreaking havoc when and wherever they strike.
And there is not a single city or town or village or church or school that is immune!
When it happens in North America, or where a large international media component is available, as it did one week ago today in Boston, it garners the kind of publicity that would otherwise cost billions, without spending more than a few hundred dollars.
And yet, as in Boston, their strikes are never going to make the kind of permanent change that is desired; however, these cowardly and unpredictable and heinous crimes are going to continue to kill innocent men, women and children no matter what the legal consequences to the perpetrators.
Radical Islam is a current scourge running amok in every corner of the planet, and there is a growing need for international collaboration to bring it to an end, and that effort begins with the moderates in Islam rising up and saying to their more radical colleagues, "Enough!"

At least 185 people killed in hours of fighting between Nigeria’s military and Islamic extremists

By The Asociated Press, in National Post, April 21, 2013 Fighting between Nigeria’s military and Islamic extremists killed at least 185 people in a fishing community in the nation’s far northeast, officials said Sunday, an attack that saw insurgents fire rocket-propelled grenades and soldiers spray machine-gun fire into neighborhoods filled with civilians.

The fighting in Baga began Friday and lasted for hours, sending people fleeing into the arid scrublands surrounding the community on Lake Chad. By Sunday, when government officials finally felt safe enough to see the destruction, homes, businesses and vehicles were burned throughout the area.
The assault marks a significant escalation in the long-running insurgency Nigeria faces in its predominantly Muslim north, with Boko Haram extremists mounting a coordinated assault on soldiers using military-grade weaponry. The killings also mark one of the deadliest incidents ever involving Boko Haram.
Authorities had found and buried at least 185 bodies as of Sunday afternoon, said Lawan Kole, a local government official in Baga. He spoke haltingly to Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima in the Kanuri language of Nigeria’s northeast, surrounded by still-frightened villagers.
Officials could not offer a breakdown of civilian casualties versus those of soldiers and extremist fighters. Many of the bodies had been burned beyond recognition in fires that razed whole sections of the town, residents said. Those killed were buried as soon as possible, following local Muslim tradition.

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