Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Could there be a different denoument to the Senate scandal in Ottawa?

In a recent Toronto Star column, Thomas Walkom, dubbed Stephen Harper a bitter partisan (by grievance) and a control freak who does not trust his caucus or his cabinet, and who had to know about the cheque that was written by Nigel Wright, his assistant, for $90,000 to pay the expenses Mike Duffy had attempted to dodge by his accounting as a Conservative Senator.
Two days ago, as Mike Duffy walked past a television camera, on his way through the Ottawa airport returning from Prince Edward Island, bag in tow, he uttered, sotto voce, "The Universe is unfolding as it should," almost evoking Pierre Trudeau's smugness of decades ago.
What if, rather than Walkom's insightful and rather convincing piece on Harper, Duffy and Harper are even more in cahoots, along with Wallin, all of them streetfighters, and all of them dedicated to the premise that the Senate should either be abolished or elected.
Certainly a scandal of this proportion, calculated on the basis of free-wheeling accounting and loose rules and even looser monitoring would point to the waste, and to the "elite, out of touch and out of control body to which party loyalists, more than anything else, have been appointed by both Liberals and Conservatives. And it would also, without Harper having to open his mouth, start people talking, as it did in Toronto, to a CBC camera and microphone, in words like, "Abolish the Senate!" more effectively than any political rhetoric could ever do.
While there is no conclusive evidence to support such a claim, do not be surprised if, following this period of reflective silence, on the part of the Prime Minister, he doesn't simply announce that he is bringing legislation forward that will require the provinces to elect Senators, and if a majority opt out, then he will effectively abolish the upper chamber, using the opt-out option as his cover.
Mike Duffy is no stranger to Ottawa, nor to his party's long-standing ambition to abolish the Senate, and neiether is Pamela Wallin, both strong in ambition to be at the centre of the story they may be covering.
This may well be their swan-song in Canadian political theatre, and clearly they are at the centre of the storm of their, and Harper's making.
Of course, he knew about the Wright cheque, just as he knows that Duffy and Wallin have to sit "apart" for a while...
but let's not forget what Mike Duffy spoke in those few seconds on his way past a television camera, his life blood for decades, in that airport hallway...."The universe is unfolding as it should!" from Desiderata....and secondarily from Pierre, only this time without even a hint of the poetry or mystery that attended Trudeau's borrowing of its phrases, only political manipulation, gamemanship and suckering the Canadian public.

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