Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mr. Obama, take off the sheepskin gloves, put on the boxing gloves and fight the opposition to the ground..NOW!

There is something quite disconcerting about the Egyptian "coup d'etat" conducted by the military, with the support of millions of Egyptians. The leader, Morsi, was, allegedly not doing a very good job, specifically not listening to his opponents.
And so, the opponents removed him literally, physically, politically and presumably forever.
In the U.S. the opposition, the Republicans in the House especially, refuse to permit legislation to pass, even when the president deliberately includes many of his opponents' recommendations in his legislation.
They are determined to see Obama fail.
Except for gathering by the millions in the streets of Washington, has this American version of the opposition to the White House not effectively emasculated this president, beyond repair....and done it with impunity?
The Muslim Brotherhood, however, are unlikely to remain either silent or inactive with this recent development; they are likely to organize, as they did for the first elections, winning some 47% of the popular vote, and without an organized and coherent opposition, they could well bring either Morsi or some other figurehead, from their movement back to power, and do it with a vengeance having been thwarted the first time.
In the U.S. it seems that the Republican opposition to Obama and his policies, a short list follows:
  • their persistent demands that Obamacare be repealed,
  • their opposition to full citizenship for immigrants,
  • their blocking of the president's jobs bill,
  • their opposition to anything that attempts to confront global warming and climate change,
  • their aggressive hike to the interest rate on student loans,
  • their hawkish approach to Syria, and of course,
  • their ironclad blocking of any tax hike, even for the richest 1-2%
  • their support for, and then their castigation of the president for sequestration and its impacts
  • their aggressive demand that billions be spent on a wall along the Mexican border that no one who fully understands the situation agrees will work
  • their relentless pursuit of state legislation that will make it more difficult for blacks, the poor and the young to vote in state and federal elections
One has to ask, "Is this NOT a coup by filibuster, by denial, delay, obfuscation, twisting the truth, and outright lying?"
Obama's Mr. Niceguy approach, attempting to deal with his opponents in a manner befitting a serious mediation or even arbitration, has not, can not and will not work with this bunch of cretins.
Only by confronting the Republican opposition with strength, power, courage, even daring them to oppose will the president break this logjam....and while the Republicans have successfully created the obstruction, it is the president's task to blow it apart, as one would a beaver dam that is flooding the farmers' fields.
He needs to be bold, aggressive, and he needs to pick a front-page fight that we guarantee him and his administration 72-point headlines in every major daily newspaper, and every nightly newscast, not to mention wall-to-wall coverage on both Fox NEWS and MSNBC, both of course giving the measure opposing coverage.
And whatever measure he chooses to draw his own red line in the sand, it had better be an issue that will face the United States for decades, if not the rest of this century. And in generating a dramatic turning-point in the issue, Obama will thereby assure his second term will not be a lame-duck, as it appears to be becoming prematurely.
Take off the political gloves, Mr. Obama, and wrestle this paper tiger, the Tea Party and the Republican opposition to the ground....not through attrition, not through compromise, not through mediation, but through the overt deployment of your most aggressive and creative and intellectual "warrior"....
And do it soon!
The world is waiting!
The whole country is waiting!
Your becoming part of the Washington establishment is not the legacy that your daughters want to read about to their children!

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