Thursday, July 25, 2013

Obama challenges Republicans to remove hard-hitting speeches of leadership

It was Chris Matthews, host of Hardball on MSNBC, who yesterday used the four-letter word "hate" to name the attitude of the Republican right-wing to the President of the United States. Matthews courageously and defiantly, as well as accurately gave the appropriate interpretation to the virtual "hostage-taking" of the president, his agenda and the whole U.S. government apparatus in their narcissistic, and lethal, not to mention self-sabotaging efforts, to bring the United States economy to its knees.
Obama declared his intention to dedicated the remaining 1200+ days as president to improving the lot of the American middle class. He declared he will use every instrument available to him, as the chief executive of the formerly great American system of government, bypassing Congress if he has to, to bring his policies and programs into effect. He declared also that the grid-lock imposed on governance by the Republican opposition "has to stop".
In what is billed by the White House as a series of speeches to the American people, he challenged the Republicans to bring all ideas to improve the lot of American people to the table, pointing out that repealing Obama care and cutting spending is not an economic program.
He wants to create jobs, to re-build infrastructure, ensure every American can afford a home, an education, and a retirement with dignity.
Sounding optimistic, as always, and obviously setting the table for the forthcoming budget battles of the fall, with deficit ceilings and Republican obstructionism looming both again and still, Obama seems to have returned to "campaign fighting mode"....
Denouncing the speeches, both Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Majority Leader Boehner, said there were no proposals put forward by Obama, and once again accused the President of 'not working with the Republicans'....a charge hollow in both fact and in rhetoric.
Republicans refuse to agree to a path to citizenship for the eleven million immigrants;
Republicans refuse to acknowlege the considerable benefits of Obamacare;
Republicans refuse to agree to generate jobs through rebuilding eroded and dangerous infrastructure;
Republicans refuse to permit the debt ceiling to rise, unless a corresponding number of dollars of government spending are cut, in a no-win spiral downward based on austerity alone, without investment in the future;
Republicans insist on raising the interest rates on student loans, as their way of championing fiscal "responsibility"....
And should the U.S. government either default on its debt, or in a worse case scenario, shut-down completely this fall, there is no doubt either or both of these events will seriously and negatively impact the struggling U.S. economy.
Rightly, Obama wants to be sure that it is the Republicans who must be tarred with the brush of responsibilty for either or both of these failures of governance.
Isn't it amazing how deeply embedded, and how profoundly denied is the racism that plagues too many Republican members of both houses...that they would let either of these two spectres trump their legitimate responsibility to provide leadership and good government, as they were elected to provide.

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