Thursday, September 5, 2013

NPR: Move the homeless out of city parks...across the U.S.

Jessica Jones' story below, about moving the homeless, rising in some cities at a rate of 42% since the U.S. recession, is indicative of two things: there are agencies like churches that attempt to put band-aids on the problem by providing some food, and that politicians are supporting the business community as they seek to revitalize downtown cores, and use their office and their authority through the police to move the homeless out of sight, out of mind.
Some individual activists want municipalities to provide housing, as their answer to the "blight" that the homeless are considered by the political class. And yet, through policies and circumstances that resulted from the complicity of both the political class and the business class, the homeless numbers are continuing to grow. And there is no politician getting much attention for taking that position.
There are millions of dollars of public monies being spent to purchase Tomahawk missiles about to be dropped on Syria, and yet there are no dollars for the human tsunami of homeless that is flowing across many American cities in the homeland.
Is this not an issue of "homeland security"?
Is this not an incubator for desperate recruits into a form of vengeance that could bite those cities in the backside?
Seeing the homeless in such a simplistic manner can no longer be tolerated. They are the seeds of the next public uprising. They are also the flotsam and jetsam left over from the insouciance of the last half decade during which the Wall Street indices have soared through the roof, and now are camping in the city parks, defecating on downtown city streets and "giving those cities a bad image".....
So, only the homeless must move or be arrested, because after all, how can we 'gentrify' our  business district with homeless casting a pall over the adjacent city parks.
These people, many of whom are willing and able to work, yet cannot find the jobs that would take them out of those parks, are the new under class, generated by a culture that cares only for the wealthy and the powerful. And it takes a non-profit agency like npr to shine the spot light on their plight.
And even npr is in the crosshairs of many Republican budget-cutting congressmen and women...because it covers those stories that those politicians do not want to see the light of day.
And yet the drum-roll for Syrian invasion continues, albeit with some justification, while the homeless continue to plague the heartland of the homeland....
how tragic!

More Cities Sweeping Homeless Into Less Prominent Areas

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