Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Memo to the Saudi's: Cease all support for AlQaeda

Saudi Arabia is unhappy with the United States, and has slapped her face publicly by rejecting the seat on the Security Council at the United Nations, for which the Saudi's lobbied vigorously.
But wait!
It is the same Saudi's whose 10,000 or so billionaires have been and continue to finance Al Qaeda and who are parading around the Unite States warning about the naivety of the U.S in even entering into negotiations with the Iranians over the nuclear program and for acceding to the Russian influence in exposing and destroying chemical weapons in Syria. While there are or may be some overlapping mutual interests for both Saudis and America, there are clearly some distinct and growing degrees of separation.
If, in Syria, for example, the Iranians are substantially supporting Assad, while the Saudi's are substantially supporting Al Qaeda rebel forces, while the U.S. and western countries attempt to support the moderates who are fighting for the removal of Assad, U.S. interests and Saudi interests are in direct conflict.
If in Iran the Saudi's see the new regime as little more than a wolf in sheep's clothing, while the U.S. is prepared to test the words and the actions, "trust and verify," that famous Reagan slogan, then the perceptions of the Saudi's and the Americans differ qualitatively as well as in degree.
If the Saudi's are warning about a regional conflict, should Assad remain in power in Syria, while publicly chastising the U.S. (whether for American consumption or more likely for Saudi domestic consumption, given the contempt for Americans that runs deeply through the Middle East) one has to wonder whether Obama's pivot of American foreign policy to the far East, to China, Japan and India is not perceived as a  slight to the Saudi's who have provided the U.S. with oil for decades, and now are seeing the American need for that oil diminish.
Secretary of State John Kerry has been making noises that the U.S. will continue to consult with "our Saudi friends" while he knows deeply how much support those same Saudi's are bank-rolling the very enemy, AlQaeda, that has been inflicting terror on anything or anyone that bears a "stars and stripes" in every corner of the globe.
Why is Kerry not publicly thrashing the Saudi's for their persistent support of Al Qaeda?
Why is Obama not taking the bully pulpit to expose the chicanery, under the guise of parenting the United States, by Saudi leaders, and to call for an end to Saudi support for the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists?
Clearly, noting just how intractable and how powerful is the potential suction of outside powers into the vortex that is the Middle East, now and for the foreseeable future, the Chinese are keeping a considerable distance from any engagement in that cauldron, while nevertheless continuing to purchase Middle East oil to fire the engines of their industrial expansion (that is unless and until such expansion chokes the trachea of the millions of Chinese who are attempting to breath the noxious gases that are polluting their cities.
When is the United Nations going to convene an international conference focussing on ways to collectively, permanently and effectively remove both the head and the body of the Islamic terrorist movement(s)? Is there not a mutual interest among many of the world's significant countries to bring this monster to heel?
Clearly, all countries in the west are interested in such a prospect, and that includes Russia, while there is still the prospect of reengage Pakistan who has for decades played and spoken out of both sides of its mouth, siphoning aid from the west, especially the U.S. while also supporting the Taliban...
Once again, is it not time for western leaders to draw down such aid to Pakistan, unless and until she finds the courage and the integrity to make a clear and unequivocal decision to oppose radical Islamic forces regardless of what banner or flag they are fighting under.
We are witnessing a loose cancer, funded, aided and abetted by the Saudi's and others, through willful complicity and overt cash, not to mention the boatloads of weapons, and their arrogance in slapping the face of the United States must not go without rebuttal, and without even more aggressive exposure for the havoc they are wreaking around the globe.

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