Sunday, March 2, 2014

Once again we call for international co-ordinated response to radical Islamic terror

If there is truth to reports of Muslim ethnic Uighur involvement in the most recent vicious stabbings in China, then then world is becoming "infected" with a common and determined and perhaps unstoppable political and violent cancer.(* see excerpt of story, "Deadly China Attack Blamed on Islamic Separatists," by Philip Wren, from The Sydney Morning Herald, March 2, 2014, below)
This is not your average, reversible disease, that, with early detection and prompt and disciplined treatment, can be reversed and cast into remission. Nor it is able to be surgically excised from the global body politic. And, while many of the world's largest and most influential countries are being "infected", so too are some of the near-collapse, and/or failed states being overrun by a movement within a movement, a segment of radical Islam that has taken upon itself to use violence to spread its interpretation of the Islamic faith into all of the globe's many national cells, making it nearly impossible either to ignore or to eliminate.
Strategies that in varying degrees seek both legal/police/intelligence assistance as well as military push-back, while providing limited relief from this monster, seem also to have the counter-effect of generating more foot-soldiers in the radical Islam camp, and thereby exponentially growing the risk to individuals, families, communities and regions on all continents.
While the United Nations talks about the threat of Islamic terror, and obviously many countries are confronting the plague of its heinous presence (in Boston this year, all participants and spectators are banned from carrying bags of any kind to the event), the world is on collective and serious notice that this disease seeks to consume all of the political and cultural oxygen in the room, in order to establish its hegemony, and bring the world to heel to its nefarious and sinister demands.
This cancer is not restricted to one linguistic group, nor to one ethnic minority, nor to a single business or cultural group. It cannot be framed as just another frustrated minority seeking some kind of independent state, within a larger state like China. It must be framed as a threat to the peace and stability of all countries, and consequently must also be regarded as a significant global threat, requiring a concerted, co-ordinated and sustained global response.
Unlike global warming and climate change to which we are all contributing, radical Islam has different roots and causes from those facing the world's air, water and land pollution and the impact of that creeping (or is it now galloping?) phenomenon. It is a quasi and pseudo-religious form of proselytizing that includes in its expansive quiver of instruments every form of violent action known to human life. If and when it gets its hands on, or creates by itself, abandoned nuclear material, it will deploy the bombs when and wherever it sees appropriate. In fact, millions, if not billions of many national budgets are now being poured into protecting people everywhere from this scourge.
What does not seem to be happening in a dramatic, public and concerted way is the development of an international, co-ordinated and co-operative assault on this disease, as appears to be the case with many of the world's most invasive cancers.
While there are increasing efforts at sharing intelligence among many world capitals, and also shared approaches to which methods prove most useful and effective in finding and eliminating this tumour, it is still growing and still infecting potentially all regions on the planet. While it may be true that social media is making tyranny and dictatorship obsolete, it is also providing a significant key to the spread of this toxic and deadly disease, leaving us all vulnerable to similar threats that imposed death, dismemberment, shock and trauma on the people in the streets of Boston, one of the world's most coveted and peaceful and highly developed urban centres, with some of the most advanced and sophisticated protective shields of public protection.
Surely, leaders around the globe can and do see the size and the severity of this global threat to all people, especially to those who do not identify with Islam, and can and will also see the value as well as the urgency of their putting considerable energy, resources and human intelligence into a concerted campaign to stamp out this human and toxic cancer....

*Authorities have yet to identify the attackers but said "evidence found at the scene" showed it was a "an organised, premeditated violent terrorist attack" carried out by Xinjiang "separatist forces".
Chinese authorities have also blamed a series of violent incidents that have escalated in frequency and severity in the past year on extremists from the Muslim ethnic Uighur minority from Xinjiang, accusing them of conspiring with overseas based groups, including the murky East Turkestan Islamic Movement, in an effort to split Xinjiang from the rest of China. (Deadly China Attack Blamed on Islamic Separatists, by Philip Wren, The Sydney Daily Morning Herald, March 2, 2014)
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