Saturday, May 13, 2017

The American Dream Legacy

potholes of psoriasis scar roads
pools of tears cover fields
records of planetary sobbing
             fall and spike to new high’s and low’s…
a pathetic fallacy never  
                     tolerated by animal care-givers
in zoos…
coffee-shops and diners overflow
                   with idle men
whose gravel voices and wrinkled eyes
               tell tales of pride in their
loyalty and accomplishment over
            decades producing metal and
rubber and wood and paper and cloth things
          all now crowding sea-ports
waiting on ships for their
                    unloading from the east
 their abandoned factories sit like empty
          caves a deceased and decaying
testament to former bosses and
             their bosses and union leaders and
their investors
        all of whom put personal
ambitions above the
needs and hopes of their workers
whose eyes now seem boarded like the
             windows and doors of their former
the butt-ends of a squandered promise
drink their black coffee, leave blank lines on
civic budgets and fill prisons,
                                        hospitals and hospices…
the new reservations are in the middle of
                       towns as the new elites
impose a new colonial serfdom
                   on their own…
cats and rats and stray dogs
               scavenge through trash emulating
their former care-givers
              in a desperate gasp to

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