Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Get that (bleep) outta here!

“Get that mosquito outta here!”

“Get those “vermin” outta here!”

“Get James Comey outta here!”

“Get those Mexicans, Moslems and all those other “bad people” outta here!”

“Get those children, babies, mothers and fathers outta here!”

Anyone who still thinks or, worse, believes, that we are not watching another real-time, highly dangerous, silly and toxic imitation of the reality television show has been unconscious and under a rock for the last two and half years.

Revolving doors, sycophants in and authentic truth-tellers out!

Family in and the most loyal acolytes out!

His base in, and all others, the Dem’s, the media, Canada, Europe, NATO, NAFTA, WTO, UN, Human Rights Council of UN, Paris Accord….OUT!

Kim Jung Un (or as  The  Economist spells it, “WON”), Duterte, Putin, Erdogan IN!

Tel Aviv OUT, Jerusalem IN!

Rex Tillerson OUT, Mike Pompeo IN!

The only remaining question, for most of us, is “When will we be able to say “TRUMP OUT”?

There is beginning to be a trickle of high profile Republicans who have abandoned the trump bandwagon: Mary Matlin, Steve Schmidt, Jeff Flake, Jeff Corker, Joe Scarborough. Even Conservative columnist George Will has written and published a strong argument urging everyone to vote Democratic in 2018, “in order to quarantine this president”. And then there are increasing numbers of leaks that paint a picture of a growing divide between the occupant of the Oval Office and his deputies. The most recent focuses on James Maddis, Secretary of Defence.

Apparently, reports this morning indicate that the Chief Executive had not previously discussed taking the joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea off the table, as a ‘negotiating chip’ in the conversations with Kim Jung Un. Of course, such a move completely blind-sided the South Koreans, elated the Chinese, undoubtedly dismayed the Secretary of Defence and left other world leaders with dropped jaws….this is a very different kind of ‘shock and awe’ from 2003 in Iraq.

Ironically, and paradoxically, this version could turn out to be even more dangerous than the iteration promulgated by Dubya. Without firing a single missile, or rocket, or even cluster bomb, the president of the United States has, in an apparently spontaneous, ill-conceived, neither thought-out nor communicated decision, rendered all players shocked….most hardly in “awe”.

Personal obsession with destabilizing all others, for the sake of taking absolute control of the “script” may have served this person in real estate development (although most developers in New York will have nothing to do with him as a business partner), and it may have been the impulse for a television show that garnered lots of filthy lucre for its executive producer. Apparently, now that the world knows that the pursuit of filthy lucre is the single most brilliant Northern Star in this man’s value galaxy, all else having fallen into the sewer of “weakness,” we are subjected to a massive, planetary display of everything that is “deplorable” in human nature….the obsessive need for attention, for control, for always being right (even when I’m wrong I will find an excuse rather than admit I have erred!), and a categorical imperative to dominate everything, everyone, every moment, second by second of the national, and if possible, the international media and bring the world to its knees.

Everyone, everything, all places and treaties, all historic monuments, indeed all of history itself….it is all hostage to this coup of everything held in trust by the people of the world….courts, judges, international institutions. Even the helpless refugees, asylum-seekers, and their families are held hostage….just as is the Secretary of Defence. Like a biological epidemic, this human tumour is sucking the life-blood out of the body politic, at home, and around the world, just like the millions of cancerous tumours devouring the millions of women’s breasts especially in North America.

 (Having staffed the Supreme Court with conservative judges, while blocking Obama’s nominee, the Senate essentially confirmed yesterday’s decision to uphold the travel ban. Not ably, Madame Justice Sotomayor read her dissent aloud, and ended with “I dissent” not the normal, “I respectfully dissent!” Her argument focused on the historic internment of Japanese citizens during WWII, another historic blunder of the Supreme Court.)

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