Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ode to Seamus, the butcher

 tall, lean, ball-capped and white-coated
          his calm voice told me
‘we have the same things over there
                                        in the freezer’
     when I attempted to circum-navigate
                         his loaded cart
           in search of frozen hamburgers
‘thanks! there are so many choices today’
                                I blurted
surprised even to be noticed at eight
                                             in the morning
                in the supermarket
        ‘you almost need logistics….
                                     I studied along with politics
at university’
                             I heard him mutter
                ….  my head snapped around
                 like a shark’s spotting prey
‘did you say you graduated in politics?’
                                     ‘Uh huh!’
‘and what would you really like to be doing?’
                                  ‘keeping this butcher job…..
                   they are cutting and cutting…and
                                I’m scared of losing it!’
‘which aspect of politics grabbed you?’
                             ‘political theory’...
‘please don’t give up or in…
                     we need people like you more than ever’
             ‘I’ve been thinking podcast…. maybe there
                        is a way to make some money there’
            ‘please, please never give up on that!’
                                                his woolly fingerless glove
clasped mine, “I’m Seamus, glad to meet you!”
                                 emerged from his tongue
                                                                   and his friendly eyes…
                   pushing my cart past the eggs and butter,
I wondered, ‘was the next Aristotle or Burke or Hobbes
                                                           or Will or Reich or Fukuyama
                 stocking the
                                         frozen meat bin?’


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