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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Who am I?


Am I kin to the white pine

                  erect and yet

     flexing in the south-west


Or am I more closely


                to the golden rod

whose flower emits pollen

                and allergic spores

       into sinus and eyes?

Is my family genetically

                    modified by

           detailed and diagnosed


         in order to prevent

                             social chaos?

Am I cousin to the flowering crab

                  uncle to the lilac

                               grandfather to the

            canine whose domain

                                 stretches as far as

                 his nose can range?

Or is my kin the gentle grass snake

                         whose presence evokes

          instant wariness and a deliberate

                                       step back for

           safety and comfort?

Or, after generations of lab research

                  am I morphing into a


for the convenience of any whose needs

                               demand my compliance?

Or, is there some new family

                           calling out for geriatrics

               still searching for a niche

                                beside a river

                                          under a pine

                                                      sitting with a furry friend?

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