Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blind Side...a brief review

Blind Side, the movie is about a yuppie white Christian Memphis family who, because of the "kind-heart" of the white mother, takes in, clothes, feeds and educates a black monster of a kid from fear to fame, as a draft pick of the Baltimore Ravens.
Based on a true story, Sandra Bullock, playing the white mother married to a white man who owns 85 restaurants including Taco Bells and KFC's, drives her charcoal "Beemer" into the project to find Michael's estranged mother, and to learn his real family name, also confronts the black men who threaten "her son". "If you threaten him, you threaten me!" she jabs into his mystified ears as he sits mouth gaping in shock, after she informs him of her NRA membership and her pistol-packing capacity.
When the NAACP investigates the motives behind the Tooey family's desire that Michael attend the University of Mississippi, Leigh Anne (Bullock) questions her own ethics, value and motivations. Only then, do they release him from any pressure about his choice of university, from which to receive his football scholarship.
His reason for accepting Mississippi's offer, "That's where my family has always gone to school!" He has fully accepted their unofficial adoption, legal guardianship and virtually complete integration.
The foil for the good samaritanship of Ms. Tooey comes from her "$18-dollar-a-salad" luncheon companions who are aghast at her kindness, and abhorred by her willingness to open the door to her home to a young black man.
"You should be ashamed of yourself!" is Ms. Tooey's retort, as she picks up the tab for the gold-plated lunch.
A touching, moving and inspirational story, with a convincing script, and Bullock's Oscar-winning performance, perhaps the movie may even open a few hearts and minds. Mr. Tooey, who hires another Ol' Miss grad (a Democrat) to tutor Michael, wonders out loud, "Who would have thought that we would have a black son before we met our first Democrat!"
Let's hope the Tea Party organizers and the whole Washington establishment take the time to see the movie, and to reflect on its message(s).

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