Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Loser" written all over his forehead!

While watching the PBS American Experience on the Shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King, I learned from Dan Rather, interviewed while still with CBS, that James Earl Ray was a complete and total loser: "He had LOSER written all over his forehead!"
Easy to condemn a man long dead, proven guilty, without much to boast about while he was alive!
Problem: American society is very unkind to "losers". They like only "winners"!
And in a simple machiavellian, binary way, American kids learn the wardrobe, language, attitude, interests and isolation of losers at a very young age!
Sometimes, in the past, such losers were "fat" and played the piano, and did not "do sports" and were "poor" and their parents had a very, very modest house, often did not drive or own a car, were collecting food stamps, and had significant gaps in their earning history. Sometimes, they were black, or brown, or red or yellow, anything but white.
In Ray's case, according to one of the historians, his family literally had to break the wood inside their house to burn in the stove to stay warm.His father and siblings were "in and out of jail" and his early teachers found him difficult.
Given the conditions, I can imagine being "quite difficult" as a youngster, if I had been subjected to such a childhood. Who couldn't?
And yet America still champions the right to bear arms, the freedom of the individual to become a "winner" no matter the roadblocks, and the right to "trash" those who can't make it. Trouble is, more and more people are falling into that group, through no fault or lack of effort on their part.
I have been called a loser, by some who considered themselves very important, very politically correct and very superior. And it hurts and leaves scars that often wont heal! I wonder if Rather has ever been called a "loser".

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