Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Male overview

Men's Issues is a title convering many aspects of the male life:
his biology,
his family history and relationships,
his education or rejection of same,
his work relationships,
his married family relationships,
his spiritual life and belief system,
his psychological development,
his political life,
his exercise of power and authority,
his relationship to the legal and penal systems,
his cultural history and development.
And it really doesn't stop there. There are sociological studies, of men's collective data to be done, and there are psychological/biographical stories of individual men's lives to be told and written. There are men's letters and art, and men's technological inventions, men's organizational patterns and his athletic pursuits.
And then there is the big one: how men talk/relate/support other men, especially if and when they are in crisis.
We have for too long, let the professionals handle too many of our troubles. Ordinary men, working men, lunch-bucket blue-collar men have a wisdom that far exceeds their own estimate of that wisdom. And it is time to mine it! And it is time for their women partners to begin to mine that wisdom also.
This notion of the independent human being is simply a myth.
Men need other men, and we need our women partners, children and grandchildren! And there is no debasement of masculinity in admitting to such need!

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