Thursday, June 17, 2010

Death by Firing Squad in Utah, TODAY! Despicable!

Today, in Utah, a man will die before a firing squad! No, this is not 1810, or even 1910, but 2010 and this barbarism continues.
I do not even want to know the circumstances of the case. I do not wish to contemplate the thinking of those who continue to permit the death penalty by any means, let alone a FIRING SQUAD!
Apparently, there is some connection between the method and the Mormon church, and once again, I do not wish to probe the connection.
It is enough for this Canadian, where the death penalty was abolished, thankfully, at least thirty years ago, to put our country up beside the U.S., where at approximately the same time, the Supreme Court permitted the states to bring the death penalty back. Some thirty-eight states have re-instituted it, but only one retains the firing squad.
If Pearl Harbour has gone down in U.S. history, in the words of F.D.R. as a "day of infamy," what title does this day deserve? There are so many examples of man's utter inhumanity to man; however, the mind boggles at the vindictiveness implicit in this sentence as punishment.
And to think that the state of Utah is the executioner! And to think that a squad of men, each of them armed with rifles, will cut down another human is beyond the pale.
I hope and trust that all Americans everywhere will protest in the loudest voice, for as long as it takes, so that this kind of publicly sanctioned act will never be repeated.
Just try to imagine those living in a third world country where both legal system and governance are fragile, and where those responsible would be looking to the first world, particularly to the U.S. for guidance, and they see this example. It is as if the whole world has regressed at least one hundred years...and there is very little coverage of the event in the American press. Shame!

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