Sunday, June 13, 2010

U.S. continues to worship at Military Altar

Bill Gates, being interviewed on ABC's "This Week" by Jake Tapper, just released an explosive piece of information that brings many dots together. He was pitching for the scientific community for an additional $11 billion in research in new energy by the American government. Currently, only $4 billion is spent on energy research. By comparison, America spends $30 billion on health research, and a whopping $80 billion on military R & D!
If you want to find a country that has lost its way, look no further than the U.S., a country that has virtually made a "sacred cow" of the military. No expenditure is too large for the American apetitite for increased military strength, enhanced military capability, and a more muscular military. Worshipping at the altar of the Pentagon, especially as disclosed by such a monstrous figure as the $80 billion for military research and development is, to put it mildly and bluntly, utters and underlines a funamental misperception of reality: that the U.S. is only safe if and when it has the most outrageous military arsenal.
It was in the 1960, after John Kennedy's election to the Presidency, that out-going President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the U.S. against the dangers of the military-industrial complex. This was one of the America's most valued military leaders, elevated to the Presidency, uttering one of the most profound and insightful observations to his own people. Beware of the military-industrial complex.
However, given the American addiction to profit through industrial sales and world dominance, funded by the research and development carried out for "national security" purposes, this two-headed monster continues to dominate the U.S. budget.
And just why is the rest of the world looking to America for political, ethical, moral and responsible leadership for countries trying to emerge from their poverty, disease, famine and war?

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