Tuesday, July 27, 2010

U.N. to Vote: Water as a Human Right!

By Linda Diebel
National Affairs Writer, from The Toronto Star, July 26, 2010
 A United Nations vote to recognize water as a basic human right is a “historic” chance for the global community to ease human suffering, according to a Canadian activist in the thick of a last-ditch lobbying effort.
“We’re running out of water and the crisis is getting worse,” Maude Barlow said Monday from New York, on the eve of a vote expected as early as Wednesday at the UN General Assembly.
“If we don’t make a statement that we don’t want entire populations left behind, what does it say about us? About our humanity?”

Toronto Star Graphic

We have no choice in this matter. Every human on the planet needs water to survive.
And every human organization, including every country on the planet needs to step up to the plate in orderto create a political climate of co-operation, and collegiality and fairness by refusing to allow the corporate interests to commodify this essential sustainer of life.
It is really what the young people call a "no-brainer" if those in positions of responsibility.
Water and air are the two most essential components of sustenance for the balance of nature. We have and continue to contaminate both, through our attitude that takes them both for granted. And, belatedly, we are growing conscious of what we have done to both of them.
Water, can begin to take a priority among those whose responsibility includes protecting their people from unnecessary death, disease and poverty.
Even though many have doubts about the capacity of the United Nations to take a concerted action on matters as important as declaring water a "human right," it is the hope of those same sceptics that is needed now more than ever if this enlightened step is to be taken by the world community.
The notion that the Canadian government is not willing to sign on to the treaty declaring water a "human right" is not only shameful; it is inexcusable and demonstrates an ideological addiction to corporate power and profit that renders their capacity to govern questionable.

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