Monday, October 4, 2010

Anger OUT; Repression IN!... rubbish!

Truth sacrificed for corporate image protection.
While listening to Reliable Sources on CNN on Sunday morning, I heard the media writer for the Washington Post, while commenting on the over-the-top tirade of Rick Sanchez about Jews owning the media in response to John Stewart's mocking of him on The Daily Show, say, "It has become a standard of U.S. corporations that when an employee criticises their employer, the employee is automatically fired."
Since this statement is unlikely to withstand factual disagreement, we can only assume that a perfect persona for a corporation is more important than the perhaps decade long contribution of an employee who goes into a rant.
How tragic!
Only a couple of weeks ago I listened as an angry woman, in her mid-forties, narrated a story about her disgust with a transportation facility she used daily to and from work. A planned interruption in their schedule had not been communicated adequately, causing unnecessary complications for all passengers, on that particular day. Nevertheless, her husband had "calmed her down" so that she did not write a letter of censure in a heated state. And then she added, "I've never heard of someone achieving justice from an angry letter."
To which I replied, "Sometimes it is not the justice that matters, in terms of a change in policy or practice; sometimes getting the stuff off our chest is more important than any justice that a large corporation might bring about."
What have we done to real feelings, including those that corporations and politicians and bureaucracts find so objectionable, like anger, and frustration and honesty, even when such expressions cause us discomfort.
Have we reduced real feelings to the tabloids and the Mel Gibson's and the off-beat comics like John Stewart. Have we so sanitized our society that no one dares to tell the truth, with the accompanying feelings in a public venus anymore because someone might actually be taking a picture of the rant and uploading it on u-tube?
Have we grown so anemic and predictable and so moderate and so temperate and so politically correct that our society no longer permits individuals to be fully human any longer?
No wonder our cancer and cardiac wards are full to overflowing, and our pharmaceutical industry needs tractor-trailer trucks to cart their profits to their international banks.

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