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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

acorncentrenblog.com finding readers slowly and globally! Thanks!

Pageviews by Countries
United States 859
Canada 628
United Kingdom 90
Romania 76
Singapore 70
Netherlands 58
Russia 53
Taiwan 36
Germany 25
Iraq 19

If I had thought, in my wildest imagination, that after only six months of putting this blog up, there would be the number and range of pageviews, I would have thought I was high on something beyond the smokeable.
Thank you to all the people who have found this site! Thank you to all of you who have read these pieces!
I am utterly shocked. I had no idea. I only checked the figures for the first time a few minutes ago.
There was a time, many lives ago, that when I hosted a public affairs open line radio program on Sunday morning in a Northern Ontario city of approximately 50,000, I might have 3,000 listeners for part of the 90-minute show. I thought that was fairly respectable, given that the total audience for that time slot measured somewhere around 5,000. So our show had approximately 60% of the audience.
Now, if these figures are even close to being accurate, some 900 people in the U.S. and 600 in Canada have found this site. That readers in another 8 countries have found it, simply astounds me. Thank you to everyone!
Now, what can we do to help you to forward your responses so that we can listen to your reactions?
Please, just drop a line, letting us know where you are, and what is moving you, and what you would like to read more about.
In the meantime, a huge thanks, just for finding us.

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