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Monday, November 29, 2010

Factoids and Question marks...this 29th of November

  • A quarter million documents, primarily those of a diplomatic "note" nature, to be released by WikiLeaks.
  • The U.S. Attorney General announces an official criminal investigation aimed at prosecuting those responsible for those WikiLeaks.
  • Former National Security Chief, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wonders on PBS, if the WikiLeaks might be "manipulated by some foreign government(s) for their own purposes."
  • A car bomb targets nuclear scientists in Tehran, presumably to help derail the country's nuclear weapons development.
  • A Conervative staffer fired for leaking private budget documents to Conservative lobbyists in Ottawa, prior to the budget itself.
  • A new treatment in mice to reverse the aging process, by retorin theromes on the tips of chromosomes.
  • A symbolic pay freeze on 2 million government workers in Washington, saving a mere $5 billion over two years. The measure is called a "pebble in the ocean" by co-chair of the deficit reduction commission, Simpson.
  • A former police chief in Toronto, and former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police seems assured of victory in the by-election in Vaughan, north of Toronto, on the same day the Minister of Public Safety announces plans to build additional prisons to accommodate 27,000 more prisoners.
  • An Afghan police officer-in-training turns his gun on 6 American training officers, killing all 6, before being killed himself.
  • A handyman claims to have been given some $80 million worth of Picasso paintings by his former boss, some forty years ago, now that the statute of limitations on theft has expired, and the Picasso family claims 'foul'.
  • South Korean President, Lee, declares serious reprisals should North Korea mount another attack against his country.
  • Is the WikiLeak document suggesting that some would prefer a united Korea, under the control of South Korea a credible document?
  • Did the Saudi king really ask the president of the U.S. "to take the head off the snake" in reference to the nuclear program in Iran, prompting the Israeli Prime Minister to respond that others in the region feel the same way that we feel about Iran?
These are just a few of the "news" items making it to the top of the coverage in the current 24/7 news cycle, at least in North America....
Confusing, perplexing, annoying, even frustrating...and perhaps destabilizing to use a word from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's press conference, about WikiLeaks.

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