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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fox North Gets License...sadly!

By the Canadian Press, in Toronto Star, November 26, 2010
The CRTC has given the green light to Sun TV’s new conservative 24-hour television news service.

The federal regulator’s approval was considered a sure thing after Quebecor Inc. dropped its request for a special licence that would have required cable and satellite carriers to offer the service.
Quebecor has previously announced it wants the network —sometimes called Fox News North because of its pre-announced conservative slant — to begin airing Jan. 1.
The CRTC said it was granting the network a Category 2 specialty service licence for five years.
That means the new station will need to negotiate with cable and satellite carriers for a place in their line-up.
Now the PM will have his own "private" network on which to air his propaganda, just like Palin and Beck and all the other right-wing nuts south of the border. Just what the Canadian air waves needs, a constant barrage of neo-con propaganda not even vaguely disguised as news.

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